Elizabeth Wong Nude Photod Scandal : Old Trick?!

Following the resignation of Elizabeth Wong, the very much sensationalised nude photo episode is finally coming to an end.

From the surface of it, we could expect nothing from her political foes, no more tricks whatsoever.

But, I have discovered something on the Internet.

Something, I found very ridiculous and far fetched.

It sounded like this, Mr H ( ex boyfriend of Eli) is a Muslim, hence he is subject to the Syariah Law.

Under the Syariah Law, any close physical contact with non family members, including sexual intercourse, would be Khalwat or zina. We are familiar with this.

Nobody wants to get in trouble with the Jabatan Agama Islam that is busy going around enforcing their duties under the Syariah Law.

"...however, I wish that no interested party would even think of stooping that low to engage such tactics in their political game."

Perhaps after strong opposition from various strata of society, the authorities are now not as high profile as they used to be in carrying out their duties.

It was argued on the Internet that, if the nude photos of Eli were proven to be taken by Mr H, then H can be found guilty of Khalwat.

It is further argued that, the other party involved (i.e Eli) can, therefore, be guilty of Khalwat as well.

To me, such argument cannot hold any water as Eli, a non-Muslim is not subject to the Syariah Law.

However, such argument reminded me of something that took place last year, right after the 8 March general election.

Then, it was reported that two important Islamic organisations in the nation were looking into the possibility of passing laws that could regulate non-Muslim who commit Khalwat with Muslim.

Some suggested that, these non-Muslim should be brought to the Civil Court and punish according to the Syariah law, be it canning or fine.

Definitely, this caused another uproar among the non-Muslim society. These opposing voices finally stop after some representative from these two bodies came to clarify that they have never intended to pass such laws.

As a non-Muslim, I am indeed pleased to know that there is no such law yet, but the passing of such laws no doubt would oblige the non-Muslim to live their lives by the Syariah Law.

It is alright for anyone to utter nonsense on the Internet, making all sorts of wild speculations and unsubstantiated argument like the one I mentioned above, to commit Eli under the Syariah Law, however, I wish that no interested party would even think of stooping that low to engage such tactics in their political game.

In a diverse country like ours, where we are multi religious and multi ethnic, religious or ethnic issues are very sensitive, it could cause panic within seconds.

Such a trick, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, could always hurt the very foundation of our nation - the harmonious relationship among different races.

It is definitely not a fun game to start with! (By TAN LEE CHIN/ Sin Chew Daily)

NUDE PHOTOS: Super-imposed pictures of Elizabeth Wong found

NUDE PHOTOS: Super-imposed pictures of Elizabeth Wong found

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 23, 2009) :
Super-imposed pictures of embattled Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong(pix) are making the rounds on the Internet amid controversy over the distribution of her semi-nude photographs.

A number of nude photographs in various poses show Wong's super-imposed head or face over that of nude models.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Wira Mohammad Sabtu Osman said police came across several copies of the fake photographs being spread by individuals who took advantage of the controversy over the distribution of Wong's semi-nude photographs.

"I am warning those responsible for the fake photographs to stop distributing them," he told reporters here.

He said that police were investigating two copies of Wong's controversial photographs but "we have since come across several superimposed pictures being spread by irresponsible people on the Internet."

Meanwhile, he said, police had recorded statements from 12 individuals from the media industry to help police investigations into the distribution of Wong's semi-nude photographs.

On Wong's former boyfriend who was suspected to be the person who took the scandalous pictures, Mohammad Sabtu said he was believed to be hiding in Indonesia.

Wong lodged a police report at the Damansara police station on Feb 18 following the distribution of the nude pictures. -- BERNAMA

Signature campaign for Eli Wong

PETALING JAYA: Bukit Lanjan voters want their assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong to stay on and are asking Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to turn down her offer to resign.

The Bukit Lanjan Coalition of Residents’ Associations launched a signature campaign to show their support for the embattled Wong, who has grabbed the nation’s attention after her nude photographs were circulated.

In a statement released by the coalition, the associations condemned the invasion of Wong’s private life through unauthorised photographing of her and stealing and disseminating her personal data.

“We state here categorically that we are not disturbed by still and moving images of YB Wong’s private life that we have been and may be exposed to,” said the statement.

The coalition launched its signature campaign in Bandar Utama yesterday where signature forms were distributed to various individuals and residents’ associations. To date, its online campaign has collected 4,600 signatures. The campaign will end tomorrow at 11am, after which the signatures will be sent to Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for presentation to the Sultan of Selangor on Wednesday.

Joint Action Group’s (JAG) Ivy Josiah, who was also present at the launch of the signature campaign, questioned the timing of the photographs’ release. “JAG is very concerned with Eli’s issue when there is a great tussle between the PR and BN,” she said