Elizabeth Wong Photo Scandal, Malaysian Politician Caught on Tape!

Elizabeth Wong in Malaysian photo scandal. Alleged pictures of Elizabeth Wong are below.....

A Malaysian female politician, Elizabeth Wong, has been embroiled in a "intimate" photo scandal after media obtained a heavily circulated MMS showing the 37-year-old "in various positions in the bedroom."

Elizabeth Wong wrote a press release that she posted on her personal blog defending herself against the photos. The statement confirmed that Wong believed the photos were indeed of her. Elizabeth Wong said she "was probably asleep” when they were taken.

"The distribution and publication of these photos/video is a malicious attack on my personality. This constitutes a gross outrage on my modesty, a gross invasion of my privacy, and in particular the sanctity of my personal life. It is being done by unscrupulous persons to embarrass and discredit me."

Wong, who is a legislator in Malaysia's Selangor State executive council, was first alerted to the distribution of the photos by Malaysian tabloid The Malay Mail. The scandal is expected to take a hit on Elizabeth Wong's rising political star in the conservative south-east Asian country.

The Mail also reported there is a video being circulated along with the pictures and that the identity of the photographer unknown.

On-the-go Wong’s win in the last general election had propelled her from a “nobody” social activist to a government “big shot”, the Malay Mail reported.

Elizabeth Wong was made exco member in charge of tourism, consumer affairs and environment matters in Malaysia's Selongor state government.

Update: Accroding to the Malaysian Star, Elizabeth Wong, in a teary news conference, said she offered to resign from the PKR political party. The party so far has refused to accept.

Elizabeth Wong photo's:

Alleged pictures of Malaysian politician Elizabeth Wong, sent to the Press
The alleged pictures confirm Wong was sleeping the time they were taken by an unidentified photographer, rumoured to be an ex-boyfriend.


CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

well past is past

the important is present

she's presently a politician and that matters

people learn from mistakes

to correct the future wrongdoings


Anonymous said...

Loved the wrong person?

Anonymous said...

where are the photos?

Anonymous said...

this photo no wonder la...just simple photo

ngochoa said...

I feel sorry for her. I don't think this matter was such serious like that. This is her private life... As long as she does her job well. You care about what? Good things which she can bring to the country or how is she looks like in nude pics [From Vietnam]

Anonymous said...

Ok folks. This is the inside story of Elizabeth Wong’s scandal.

The boy friend’s name is Hilmi Malek, a married Malay Muslim gent. He was a PA to PJ Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian and a key member of PKR’s Pandan Division. He supposed to be from a rich family.

Elizabeth has a succession of boy friends. Once she was caught while having sex with Tian Chua by the latter’s girl friend who dumped him after that. There are numerous stories of Elizabeth and Tian Chua’s sexual relationship and they were again caught by PKR people at a Taipei hotel during that infamous “frog-hunting” trip to Taiwan when the PR delegation went after BN MPs on an “agricultural mission”.

Elizabeth became closer to Hilmi and they had become close in the run up to the 12 GE. However their relationship were strained by Elizabeth’s “extra-curricular” activities. They were supposed to have broken off after his marriage but it continued. The matter finally came to head about 2 mths ago when Hilmi discovered nudes pics of Eli and her Mat Salleh boy friend. He became furious and they broke off. However the pics that he had come to the knowledge among PKR circles as the ex-lovers had a major clash.

So the factions in PKR eyeing exco seat and the business interests angered by Elizabeth due to her steadfast opposition to hill-slope development and environmental issues found a common ground to kill of her political career. As such, the pics and video clips were obtained by these unscrupulous people and used to discredit her. That’s why these people approached MM instead of blackmailing her.

It is highly misleading of Eli to claim these pics were taken without her knowledge or the work of BN. She better own up otherwise this thing going to be very ugly.

Chin said...

To the anonymous who have 'the inside story'.

You seem pretty sure/confident about the sexual relationship between Tian Chua and Eli. Can we all know who gave you this 'inside scoop'?

Don't go round shooting crap out of your mouth when you can't provide solid evidence of your allegations.

If pictures of Eli sleeping are scandalous, wait till you see the pictures of the high ranking ministers' sons drinking alcohol and hugging Minah Salleh while studying overseas. Unmarried + close promixity = Khalwat, no?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw Eli's full nude photo yesterday. She position herself for the phototaking. But I guess someone already edited the photos. Not really seem like her. Look younger, without spectacles. Those have the photos. Pls dont forward it. Very embarrassing

Anonymous said...

Eli is hot! If I was that stupid guy I would love her to death.

Anonymous said...

We all know who is responsible for this...Mr "Zero Opposition". We will see him in the next General Elections. This time we should clear them for good. See you then!

Anonymous said...

can masturbate la

Asian Teens said...

i can't see the photos clearly..:(

Anonymous said...

chin.. dont be stupid lor... who cares about the story, its the pic we want to see...

Anonymous said...

Ala...apa bising2.PKR members suda lama belek2 gbr Eli la,bole tahan la,tapi bos2 atas tara tahan la,sapa mau tahan,gua pon tara tahan oo..Ala,berhenti saja la,cepat2 kawin la,buat byk anak,apa susa.Wat pas is pas la,cari candidate baru maa..apa susa.PKR ramai org mcm Eli apa,lagi dashat apa,apa susa.Bia Eli hidup la,dia byk duit maa..org politik maa..saya miskin..tapi senang idup dlm M'sia maa.Aman maa..

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