Wanted : Police find Elizabeth Wong former lover

SHAH ALAM: Police are still trying to track down Elizabeth Wong's former lover to assist in investigations.

Police are looking for Hilmi Hazimin Abdul Malek to assist in investigations. Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said police hoped to contact the ex-boyfriend and record his statement.

He said although they knew his identity, they have yet to contact him.

"We know who he is and are trying to contact him," Khalid said, refusing to reveal the person's identity.

He said police had received two photographs and a disc containing two images after recording statements from four journalists on Tuesday.
The photographs and images on the CD recovered from two of the reporters were the same, said Khalid.

"We will monitor the relevant websites. We have not received any videos and I hope those in possession of the photographs would destroy them immediately or surrender them to the police."

A team from the Forensics Department were at Wong's house in Petaling Jaya yesterday afternoon to conduct investigations.

They were there for more than an hour but refused to speak to reporters when they left at 4.30pm.

Wong also refused to comment, saying that she was leaving the investigations to police.

She also did not want to comment when asked about her former boyfriend.

It was, however, learnt that police were looking for Hilmi Hazimin Abdul Malek, 34, to assist in the investigations.

Hilmi was the former personal assistant to PJ Selatan member of parliament Hee Loy Sian. He worked for Hee for nine months after the election and resigned last month.

Yesterday in Parliament, Hee avoided the press, who were hounding him for information on Hilmi's whereabouts.

When they caught up with him, he refused to comment.

The New Straits Times team visited Hilmi's family home in Ampang Jaya yesterday afternoon and was told by a maid that he had not been seen for more than two weeks.

Prior to the general election last March, Wong had spoken about a man she was close to but refused to divulge his name.

She had complained that they were busy with party work and had little time to meet up.

Party insiders, however, said the couple had a misunderstanding and went their separate ways early this year.


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