Elizabeth Wong nude photos and videos Update

Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong

A series of nude photos of Selangor Executive Councilor, Elizabeth Wong (黄洁冰) are being circulated on the Internet and mobile phones recently. You can read more about the news on omy.sg.

Ms. Wong has lodged a police report over the nude pictures and videos. She has also released a statement saying that the photos and video were leaked to smear her public image. You can read her full press statements HERE via her blog.

Apparently, the photos were taken by her ex-boyfriend while she was sleeping… evil xia!



It’s not as if Ms. Wong was a cam-whore who like exposing herself. I have not seen the full series of photos and videos, but judging from the few I saw like the one above, it’s quite obvious she did not pose for the photos. Clearly, Ms. Wong is a victim.

What’s amazing is that her Barisan Nasional political opponents are using the leaked photos and videos as an excuse to take cheap political potshots at her, asking for her resignation. Ridiculous isn’t it? You can read the full account and analysis below via Wayangparty:

Former Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo further added fuel to the fire by demanding the resignation of Wong by citing the example of ex-Health Minister Chua Soi Lek who resigned from all posts in the government after he was filmed having sex with a woman half his age in a hotel.

“This is about morality, whether the pictures are taken with her consent is another matter. I cannot accept a lawmaker whose morality is questionable.” Khir Toyo told The Malaysian Insider.

I do not see any reason why Y.B. Elizabeth should resign for she has done nothing wrong. The culprit who took the photos without her permission and leaked them to the public with the devious aim of tarnishing her reputation should be apprehended and brought to justice.

Unlike Chua who committed an act of adultery, a haram in Islam, Wong did not commit any immoral acts. Is it a crime to sleep naked in your own home ? Can Khir Toyo please explain why Wong is immoral ?

Y.B. Elizabeth Wong should be judged solely on her performance as an exco member of the state assembly and not on such shallow and frivolous matters which have no impact on her dispensation of duties as an assemblywoman.

The Pakatan coalition should make a public statement immediately to support Elizabeth Wong instead of dragging its feet over the expected or imaginary backlash from the ground.

It appears that after the coup in Perak, Barisan Nasional is resorting to all kinds of dirty tricks to destabilize the remaining Pakatan state governments. Don’t forget the Rakyat is watching you and you will face the wrath of the voters in the next election.


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Anonymous said...

I do think that Eli should quit her public offices. While this view has nothing to do with her private morals, it has got everything to do her public ones.This incident will forever be a looming shadow in her public life. PKR can do without such issues always dogging their elected reps.

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