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Update: I have watched some “scandalous” Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping photos on the internet which were taken using the mobile phone, all I can say the pics are totally not disastrous and I stand by Eli Wong, because she is readlly a victim. Voyuered and photographed when she was sleeping, she should take no responserbilities to resign from her post!!! (The pic left was seen posting on an adult blog which we won’t have its link here).

This is kinda sad, Elizabeth Wong Nude Photos Scandal! Elizabeth Wong, a respected state assemblywoman and Executive Councilor in Malaysia’s most developed Selangor State, has been implicated in a naked pictures scandal and she lodged a police report, Malaysiakini.com is reporting.

Pakatan Rakyat’s Elizabeth Wong whose nude photographs are being circulated in public has made a report urging the police to investigate the matter.

Elizabeth Wong, 39, is unmarried. It was said the scandolous photos showing her laying on the sofa with untidy clothing were photographed after 2008’s 308 General Elections by the former boyfriend without her consent when she was sleeping. Elizabeth, the promising young female politician in Malaysia’s opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat, is thought to be a victim smeared in the current turbulous Malaysia political crisis.

From the MalaysiaInsider: Nude pix of Exco take dirty fight to new depths

The salacious side of Malaysian politics has once again been exposed after the circulation of nude pictures said to be that of Selangor state executive councillor and PKR politician Elizabeth Wong.

The photographs are believed to have been taken by a former boyfriend without her consent.

PKR and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) politicians are now scrambling to limit the damage which will be caused by the circulation of the photographs.

The unmarried Wong is expected to be issuing a public statement on the matter today. She is also understood to have lodged a police report.

Copies of them photographs were sent to a number of newspapers last week, in what appears to be an orchestrated attempt to smear her image.

The circulation of the photographs comes as the PR alliance is coming under more pressure from the Barisan Nasional (BN).

After the toppling of the PR Perak state government recently, the Selangor state government is also said to be under the threat of defections.

Elizabeth Wong and Male PKR fellow Sim Tze Tzin Photomalaysia selangor state assemblywoman malaysia selangor state assemblywoman elizabeth wong photo elizabeth wong naked pictures scandal malay thesun cover story report elizabeth wong naked photos scandal malay mail cover story report
Elizabeth Wong Photos And Newspapers’s Nude Pictures Scandal Reports On Her

Update: Elizabeth Wong released two statements, first saying she is a victim, second she decided to resign from her office as a Slangor exco and a party leader. Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid confirmed that he had received Wong’s resignation letter and said he would get the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah’s views on Wong’s decision to quit all posts while praising Wong as an exmamplary exco.

Anwar Ibrahim, Wong’s party leader, said in his statement he “can only use the strongest possible terms to condemn the smear tactics used against her. One can only wonder to what depths the people behind this will stoop to achieve their aims,” while not forgetting to blame Malaysia Prime Minister-in-waiting Najib Tun Razak’s morals. Awar also asked Elizabeth Wong to rethink her quit decision.

Update: Eilee Ng of Associated Press reported on Elizabeth WongPhotos Scandal”. I want to make two corrections of her article, 1) Eli Wong is not 37 years old, but 39, on March 10, 2008, TheStar.com.my reported she turned to 38 two days after she was elected as a legislator; 2) Elizabeth Wong was not nude, which can be seen from the two pictures so far leaked on a pornographic site.

A prominent Malaysian opposition legislator resigned today after photographs of her sleeping naked were circulated to the public by cell phone, an embarrassing disclosure that she slammed as a plot to discredit her party.

The People’s Justice Party, however, told 37-year-old Elizabeth Wong to go on extended leave, and said it will decide later whether to accept her resignation from the central Selangor state assembly.

It is the latest incident in Malaysian politics to intrude into the private lives of politicians, most of whom have been opposition figures. Among them was People’s Justice Party leader Anwar Ibrahim who has been accused of sodomy twice. The government has denied a role in the scandals, including Wong’s pictures.

In an emotional news conference, Wong, a well-known human rights activist, did not deny that the pictures in question were of her.

She said it was “an insidious and underhanded attempt” to smear her reputation, adding that “the real objective is to discredit the party.”

“I have done nothing wrong. I wish to state that I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law,” she said, her eyes brimming with tears.

“In the interest of my party I have decided to offer my resignation,” said Wong.

News reports say the photos were believed to have been taken by her ex-boyfriend without her knowledge in her home last year.

She filed a police complaint Sunday after being informed that a newspaper had received the photographs from unidentified sources.

Wong did not blame the governing National Front coalition directly for her embarrassment, but leaders in her party charged it was politically motivated.

“We asked her to rethink her options. I am angry. I am personally disgusted with this kind of gutter politics” by the National Front, party chief Anwar told reporters.

agenda daily elizabeth wong khalid Ibrahim pic

Gutter Politics! Agenda Daily, a website sided with UMNO which was blamed by many angry Malaysian netizens having orchestrated Eli Wong Photos scandal, made this combo picture emphasizing the “intimacy” of Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping and Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim.


Anonymous said...

A lesson for you non-malay women. Don't mess with these Malay men - they are perverted sex maniacs - full of hypocrisy - holier then though but want 4 wives. For what? SEX SEX SEX and more SEX.

Web hosting said...

I think it is not correct to spread the photo of leading woman politician.

gabancute said...

its better then have 4 wives for a legal title then one wife but still secretly having affair with illegal woman,though..that is truly want sex..right

violator said...

It's only political attackt. Malayan was hyprocrite nation.

Anonymous said...

Actually i think sex with ur partner in ur own private place is not something special or rare for the society now days.. In my opinion, is those old fart who lead the country still couldnt accept the fact that the society now is quite open minded. Therefore ~ using the sex scandal as an attack huh? such a low tactics.

Time to wake up and see the world, not locking urself to the old stuff.

Anonymous said...

Just bad luck. A good lesson for PR. But she has to resign. I m sorry. Not acceptable to the Malaysian public and will have to withstand constant attacks from BN which claimed they are holier than thou concept. Our former MB will be the first to shoot and I don't u/stand why he is still standing.

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